Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ragnarok Renewal Review for Beginners

At first when I saw this game I kept thinking "How can anyone get into a game with older graphics these days?" but after I allowed myself to actually get into the game I became hooked.  Yes, the graphics may be an instant turnoff for most people but if you let yourself as I have to level to at least Base level 99 and Job level 50 you will most likely see the joys I have found in playing this game.  The community for the most part is amazingly kind and generous so if you need help you can try asking people for an answer and you will most likely get one.

One of the things that is unique about this game is that when you create your character you don't choose what job/class you are until you level to 10.  In the training ground they allow you to try moves of all of the different jobs/classes if you're not quite sure what you're wanting to choose.  This was excellent for me because I am usually indecisive at first in all games.

Another thing I like about this game is that everyone's outfit is the same regardless of the armor you wear so that in order for someone to figure out your strategy you would have to tell them or have your equipment available to the public.  Not to say you have to look exactly like everyone else because you can change your hair, hair color, outfit color, and your headgear will show up.  You can also wear an outfit headgear over your equips to hide your head equips.

Other Pros: 

  • You job change in this game so you aren't necessarily stuck with one job and one set of skills

  • You have to work very hard to get to the max level twice because you have to reborn into a high novice and start all over again to level up so it will be twice as rewarding
  • You have to work with different strategies because if you don't experiment you won't know what works best
  • When you get high enough level to do turn in quests (TI's) you will need a party which can be very fun with the right set of people  
  • They do update the game quite frequently
 There are many more Pro's but you will have to try the game for yourself to find out for yourself.   

Some Cons: 

  • The graphics I've been told are the same since the game came out

  • It is harder than most games you have probably played and you may have to make use of IRO wiki and other sites that will assist you through quests, monsters, etc. 

  • The servers are known to lag at times  

Also, there is a 3D version of Ragnarok (Ragnarok 2) however, no one that enjoys Ragnarok Online really likes the new one because they feel it's just another copy of WoW and doesn't have as many things that you can do.  Which after playing I can completely understand why.

I will be coming out with a priest guide after I reborn and max her level out so keep posted for it.

Happy Gaming!

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