Friday, July 5, 2013

Pokemon MMORPG

I've always thought it would be an amazing idea if there was a Pokemon MMORPG out there and I guess I just wasn't looking in the right places.  If you read my post from earlier this week I reviewed a game called "Ragnarok" and as stated, it may not have the best graphics but it is definitely not lacking in content; anyway, someone created a Pokemon RO that looks very promising!  At the moment I am currently downloading so I can't give a full opinion just yet but the trailer did appear very similar to the normal Ragnarok style only they have created a replica of the Pokemon region and of course, added Pokemon and more!

I'll just let you check out the trailer for yourself:

 I liked that they added the Safari zone and the Casino like in the Pokemon games I have grown to love.  They have kept some of the same monsters from original Ragnarok so it shouldn't be a complete culture shock to me but I'm just not sure yet.

If you enjoyed the trailer you should try downloading it for yourself to try, and leave a comment about your own experience.

Happy gaming!