Monday, June 3, 2013

Arcane Legends: Rogue tips and Earning gold

Recently I've downloaded an MMORPG called 'Arcane Legends' on my Android phone and let me start off by warning you: this game is extremely addicting.  You can choose to be a female rogue, a male barbarian, or a blue imp sorcerer.  I chose the rogue as it fits my play style better but I'm sure all classes are equally awesome.

Tips for Rogues

As a rogue, you want to put almost all of your points into dexterity because your job will be to try to kill things as fast as possible and the best way to do that is by critical hits.  The down side to putting every last point into dexterity is that even if you're wearing legendary armor you can be killed by a higher level boss in just one hit.  If you take this path I would advise to pay attention when the boss's are about to use an attack because the area that will be affected by their hit will light up in red.  Their basic attacks should not kill you but it will be in your best interest to bring potions on every run in case you should encounter a boss or large mobs.  Most of the time other players will be in the area to assist you fight so you won't have to worry about taking too much damage.

Choosing a pet

Another helpful tip is that using a pet, and which pet you choose, can make a pretty big difference.

Here is my character with no pet equipped (notice the stats on the right):

And here is my character equipped with Granite the goat:

As you may notice, I am not that great at Capture the flag but on a more serious note: look at how much a pet can increase your dexterity.  Granite is not the best companion but he does make a very noticeable difference.  If you complete the daily bard quests you will eventually be able to save up for Meep-Moop with the Story tokens you receive.  Meep-Moop is a bird-like pet that is mainly focused in dexterity and critical hit which is exactly what you want as a Rogue.  Another pet I see a lot of rogues with in the PVP arena is ribbit and if you see one for yourself your best bet would be to avoid that rogue.  Ribbit gives you a 40% boost to your critical for 3 seconds and that is plenty of time to do some serious damage.


The above screenshots show my PVE set up.  If you're wanting to go into the PVP arena you will want your damage to be at least 180 to compete with all of the more experienced players.  The best way to get your damage up is by equipping a bow, rather than blades, if you haven't already done so.  By increasing this you will feel more effective at taking down the players with more HP.  I also suggest not going into the Arena with anything less than legendary as there are a lot of regular PVP players who are just waiting to kill you over an over rather than actually play capture the flag.  I believe this is so because of the fact that the only PVP they have so far is CTF.

For PVE I like to have a lot of DPS so that I can tap the attack button repeatedly and it be very effective.  I have seen people put more stat points into strength for the extra HP but it is mainly about your play-style so not one way is 100% correct.

Skill points

Here is how I spent my skill points:

For my active skills I selected Razor Shield, Aimed Shot, Shadow veil, and healing.  Aimed shot is great for damage especially when it crits.  Razor shield will cause damage along with increasing your dodge by 20% while it's active if you use the skill points towards that.  Shadow veil can be a life saver as it reduces your target's armor, increases your attack, and makes it harder to hit you.  The last active skill I chose was healing because let's face it, who wants to keep blowing all of their gold on potions?  By choosing healing I have been able to save a lot more gold than if I had kept those points on Nox Bolt.  You may find it more to your liking to have all four of your active skills as attacks but remember, you can't use potions in the PVP arena and your partners are not always going to be there when you're low on health.

Earning gold in Arcane Legends

I will be adding another post about the most effective way to earn platinum without paying or signing yourself up to receive spam emails and phone calls but for now I will give you a general idea on how to earn the in game currency of gold.  As you can guess, it is very similar to the other MMORPG's that you may have played in the aspect that if you go around killing things you will be rewarded (for the most part) for your efforts.  Just by killing mobs and bosses in Brackenridge at level 16, a Locked Crate of the Grand Watch dropped for me which I sold on the CS (Auction House) for 27,000 gold by itself.  Don't always expect to receive Legendary items but that's what makes the times when you do get lucky more rewarding.  Remember to collect both of your daily rewards from both Shazbot and Klaas because if you get the +25 Loot Reroll Elixer it can make the difference in you receiving a Legendary item over a common item.  Most of the time you can check the prices of the items you receive at the CS to make sure that you're not pricing it too high to be bought or too low and not get what you could have out of it.  Questing can also earn you a bit of gold so make sure you're completing your quests!

Make sure to check back for tips on earning free platinum.
And remember to have fun.  Happy gaming!


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  2. Thank you for your comment, Cassi. I will definitely be checking out your blog so look forward to hearing from me soon. Also, thank you for taking the time to take an interest in mine as well.

  3. Also, are you sure you gave me the correct link? I copied and pasted the one you provided but it is giving me the "Blog not found" error.

  4. where did you get your armor
    and sword

    1. Sorry for the delay in response, I've been a tad busy with college. I got my armor and sword from earning the free platinum and purchasing it with that from the Arcane Legend store.

  5. Hey you look cute and im also playing arcane legends im in a good guild (dirty dozen) 1400members..i have a 36 warrior and 22 rogue and 15 mage...add me if you need help or just for fun...Ozzqc

  6. Very very helpful. I thank you so much!

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    1. The Arcane Legend Hack is something hackers have invented to scam your account away from you!

      They made this little 'program' where you click how many platinum and gold you want to appear in your account (of course they never do), and then you "just" have to enter your email and account password. This is sent directly to the hacker/scammer, and he/she changes the password on your account, and presto! You have no account anymore!

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  8. Hi,

    Why do you say that bow is better than a blade?

    I'm kind new to the game (27lvl Rogue) and I always see the blades with more DPS than the bows.

    Why the bow would made me more effective on killing things?

    1. ^^ add azacaanah lvl 41 mage, Fxsospenzz lvl 20 rogue, and Vxsospenzz lvl 13 pvp mage

      Why bow is better?
      First, see the critical stat on bow
      Second, DPS? Damage per second, Damage is the normal hit, check it.
      DPS or Damage same like, CHARGED or Normal? Remember, charged take a time.

      DPS is for mage, mage charged fast than rogue, and BAM DPS appear, but no crit.

      Blades? DODGE.
      what ur choise? DODGE and no hit, or CRITICAL 100%+++++ more hit??

      Ur choise :)

    2. Thank you for your answer and that is exactly right. Also, in pvp you'll much rather be hitting the barbarians and mages from afar while trying to kite them.

  9. What do rogue do if surrounded by enemies?

    1. I usually use my blades for dodge and try and run around and away while still attacking but getting it so that I'm only taking on a few at a time.