Sunday, June 2, 2013

Aion Review

You, as a gamer, probably know that playing a game over and over can get quite boring.  Sometimes we venture off and tread new waters which is basically how I ended up playing Aion.  To my surprise, I'm not ashamed that I cheated on WoW at all.

Keep in mind this is a general review and may be different than how you feel about it, as everyone is different.  I am always open for my readers to have their own opinions about the games I review and I encourage everyone to leave a comment with your own thoughts.

Aion Pro's

  • Graphics are stunning
  • With the character creation you can make your character one of a kind
  • Gameplay is very nice and you are placed in most of the cut-scenes
  • Characters are interactive and when it rains they notice
  • You have to pay attention in every fight even if it's not a boss
  • Everyone gets wings when they become a Daeva at level 9-10
  • You can't fly forever; I like the fact that I have to time my wings because it's more down to Earth.  Even game character's wings get tired sometimes!
  • There is a fast-track server in which leveling is increased 100%
  • You can own a house
  • The community is very helpful
  • Etc.
Though I could make the list go on for a while, I want to level cap before I start considering myself an expert.

Aion Con's

  • You can not chat until you reach level 20 which is supposed to keep the gold spammers out, and it does an okay job, but there are dedicated gold spammers out there that level up and spam away while the newbies have to resort to going to the forum for help (but at least there's an option)
  • The factions are uneven; there are far more Elyos than Asmodian but because of that they are trying to solve it by giving you incentives to create an Asmodian
  • You can't fly everywhere; though I like that you have a time limit on your wings, I dislike that in some areas you can only glide rather than fly
  • The world is much smaller than the world I experienced playing World of Warcraft, but the game is not nearly as old so this is completely understandable
When I am more seasoned to this game I will be creating guides for other players and possibly creating a more established review.  For now, if you have anything to add to the list be free and leave a comment!

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