Sunday, April 9, 2017

Clash Royale, Free and Fun!


Clash Royale is a mobile strategy game by Supercell that pits you against another player in battle using decks. It has a good balance between being a collectable card game and a mobile battle arena and satisfies one’s desire for both. Each deck contains 8 cards that are either spells, monsters, or buildings and it is up to the player to unlock new cards and build their own personalized deck. Clash Royale is a great game to play when one is short on time and is in need of a gaming fix, considering each match usually only lasts about 3 minutes.  One of the pros about Clash Royale is that it is not pay-to-win like so many other games on the mobile market right now.  This game is a lot of free and portable fun.

The Cards

In Clash Royale there are a variety of cards to choose from when building a deck and each card has strengths and weaknesses. All cards have a rarity value of uncommon up to legendary with the legendary cards being the hardest to find.  The amount of cards may seem overwhelming to a new player at first but after the learning curve it can be understood that each card, and combination of cards, has weaknesses that can be exploited. At the start of each game the deck chosen for that match gets shuffled so each match will be a little different than the last, even if the cards are all the same. This creates a more interesting game overall because you will have to figure out which combinations you will be using for each new match as your cards get used and more are rotated in. In conclusion, the cards are very well balanced but there are specific decks that counter other decks.

My Deck

This is a screenshot of the deck I have put to together. I do not use guides to create my decks but there are thousands of guides, if help is needed, available on the internet for new players to use to get started. The rule of thumb that I use when creating my deck is to have one tank killer, at least one horde killer (aoe spell or monster), one Bowler (because let’s be honest, he’s broken), and one flying troop killer. After I have filled that criteria, I can usually just fill in the rest of the deck with random cards and be successful in battle.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My addiction: League of Legends

It's about time I write again after my hiatus.  I know most of you who read this will think league is old news, but I suppose I lived a sheltered life.  This is my first season of League and I was very reluctant to start playing regularly at first but my friends insisted after I reach level 30 the game gets much better.  And it turns out it really does.  LoL is unlike any game I have ever played before because it puts 5 people (including yourself) on a team to try and destroy an enemy's base (and no I have never played DoTA, though I do enjoy the song by Basshunter).  The teamwork it takes makes for a very interesting game because you not only rely on yourself to make good decisions but you are also dependent on 4 other people.  There are also probably about a hundred champs to choose from so each game will require different decision making based off of who your teammates are and who your enemy chose.

I'm not going to lie, if you are playing league for the first time you are going to hate it because you will die a lot trying to figure out how to get used to the champions and the play style.  Not to mention the higher level players creating low level accounts who will completely destroy your hopes and dreams.  The best advise I can give is stick it out if you are new, get to level 30 and you will become experienced and learn how to make better decisions during each game.

When you reach level 30 you can play ranked games which will be way more competitive than when you are playing for fun.  The ranking system goes from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, (they just recently added Master), and then the final rank which is Challenger.  I was able to reach gold this season which I am happy with knowing that in the future I will only improve.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pokemon MMORPG

I've always thought it would be an amazing idea if there was a Pokemon MMORPG out there and I guess I just wasn't looking in the right places.  If you read my post from earlier this week I reviewed a game called "Ragnarok" and as stated, it may not have the best graphics but it is definitely not lacking in content; anyway, someone created a Pokemon RO that looks very promising!  At the moment I am currently downloading so I can't give a full opinion just yet but the trailer did appear very similar to the normal Ragnarok style only they have created a replica of the Pokemon region and of course, added Pokemon and more!

I'll just let you check out the trailer for yourself:

 I liked that they added the Safari zone and the Casino like in the Pokemon games I have grown to love.  They have kept some of the same monsters from original Ragnarok so it shouldn't be a complete culture shock to me but I'm just not sure yet.

If you enjoyed the trailer you should try downloading it for yourself to try, and leave a comment about your own experience.

Happy gaming!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ragnarok Renewal Review for Beginners

At first when I saw this game I kept thinking "How can anyone get into a game with older graphics these days?" but after I allowed myself to actually get into the game I became hooked.  Yes, the graphics may be an instant turnoff for most people but if you let yourself as I have to level to at least Base level 99 and Job level 50 you will most likely see the joys I have found in playing this game.  The community for the most part is amazingly kind and generous so if you need help you can try asking people for an answer and you will most likely get one.

One of the things that is unique about this game is that when you create your character you don't choose what job/class you are until you level to 10.  In the training ground they allow you to try moves of all of the different jobs/classes if you're not quite sure what you're wanting to choose.  This was excellent for me because I am usually indecisive at first in all games.

Another thing I like about this game is that everyone's outfit is the same regardless of the armor you wear so that in order for someone to figure out your strategy you would have to tell them or have your equipment available to the public.  Not to say you have to look exactly like everyone else because you can change your hair, hair color, outfit color, and your headgear will show up.  You can also wear an outfit headgear over your equips to hide your head equips.

Other Pros: 

  • You job change in this game so you aren't necessarily stuck with one job and one set of skills

  • You have to work very hard to get to the max level twice because you have to reborn into a high novice and start all over again to level up so it will be twice as rewarding
  • You have to work with different strategies because if you don't experiment you won't know what works best
  • When you get high enough level to do turn in quests (TI's) you will need a party which can be very fun with the right set of people  
  • They do update the game quite frequently
 There are many more Pro's but you will have to try the game for yourself to find out for yourself.   

Some Cons: 

  • The graphics I've been told are the same since the game came out

  • It is harder than most games you have probably played and you may have to make use of IRO wiki and other sites that will assist you through quests, monsters, etc. 

  • The servers are known to lag at times  

Also, there is a 3D version of Ragnarok (Ragnarok 2) however, no one that enjoys Ragnarok Online really likes the new one because they feel it's just another copy of WoW and doesn't have as many things that you can do.  Which after playing I can completely understand why.

I will be coming out with a priest guide after I reborn and max her level out so keep posted for it.

Happy Gaming!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gaiaonline: Earning Gold

A lot of people from the Gaian community have asked me how to earn gold and I feel this is an extremely important question because running around asking others for gold can be a bit demeaning.  Gold can be earned a lot easier than you think as long as you have the time and patience.  I have listed a couple solutions below:


The strategy I have used to earn game currency since Neopets is vending.  Vending is when you buy items for less gold than they are worth and reselling them for the value that they actually are.  This takes a lot of patience so if you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme then you should probably look elsewhere.

Before you start vending, there are things you will want to do and I have listed them below:
  • Familiarize yourself with marketplace and what items are selling
  • Check the prices every time a new item comes out
  • Make sure you're studying item prices within your budget
  • Keep the 2% tax in mind when buying an expensive item
  • Do not vend items you can buy in the stores for gold
The reason why you want to stay familiar with the marketplace is so that you won't accidentally buy an item that isn't selling or is overpriced.  You don't have to learn the prices of every single item on Gaia (that would take forever); typically, the average buy price will tell on itself.  The newest items are the quickest to sell so every time a new item is released I would suggest checking the price.  Also, always remember the 2% tax when buying an item and reselling it because if the item is more expensive the tax can be extremely hefty.  A lot of Gaians will be willing to negotiate because of the tax; just by sending a message to the seller they may trade it to you for the after tax value which will make earning money off the item a little easier.  When I vend, I always choose items from the Cash shop because those are usually the most in-demand items on the marketplace.  If you try and vend items from the basic stores that you can buy easily with gold you will be wasting your time because most people will choose to just buy them from the store.

Make sure you are using the vending page which is where the items are that people have just posted.  You are bound to catch a low priced item eventually when using this page. 

While you Vend

So, you've familiarized yourself with some items and are ready to start.  What you want to do is open up multiple tabs in your browser for each item that you've selected to start vending on.  Selecting multiple items is more efficient because you'll have more opportunity to find a deal.  It won't happen instantly but every once in a while after religiously refreshing the tabs you will come across someone who is listing the item at a super low price.  Make sure to snag the deals as fast as you can because you won't be the only one vending.  However, if someone else buys an item quicker than you don't let that be a turning point as there will always be more opportunities that arise where you will be the winner.  The main reason why I love to vend (other than the gold) is because of the excitement when you succeed in scoring a great deal.

Buying/Earning Gaia Cash

The fastest way to getting rich on gaiaonline is by purchasing Gaia Cash (with real money).  This is the easiest way to earn Gold on gaiaonline but it might not be so easy on your pockets so if you don't want to pay for it you can always check out the free offers to earn GC.

When you acquire GC you will want to take a look at the Cash Shop and find out which of the items are selling for the highest on the marketplace and use your Cash towards those items.

In the past I have purchased GC, mainly to contribute to Gaia, but the gold I earned off of it is insignificant compared to the amount of gold I have earned vending.


There are endless ways to earn gold on Gaia such as browsing, posting in the forums, aquariums, and more.  Good luck to all of my fellow Gaians on your pursuit to getting rich!

In the future I will be recording one of my vend sessions to try and give you more detailed tips.